2018 Delaware Procurement Results

The 2018 Delaware SREC Procurement Results have been posted and all bidders will shortly receive the results of their bid by email. Bidders can also log on to the SRECDelaware portal to see their results. The high, low, and weighted average by tier was:

N1 N2 N3 Pool N4, E3 Pool N5, E1, E2, E4 Overall Solicitation
High $54.54 $50.00 $49.98 $10.87 $52.38 $54.54
Low $19.00 $18.47 $24.00 $10.87 $9.95 $9.95
Weighted Average $38.14 $33.78 $27.22 $10.87 $29.67 $28.50

Bid deposit returns will be initiated by ACH direct deposit on Monday, Aug 18th and should be received by Friday, Aug 24th.