Tier 1 and 2A Closed

Tier 1 and 2A were fully subscribed by 5:00 PM EST on Friday, as a result both tiers were closed at that time.  All applications for Tier 1 and 2A must have been received by 5:00 on Friday and all bid deposits must have been initiated prior to that time.  We will continue to update applications status as bid deposits are received on Monday and will contact any facilities requiring minor corrections during the week of April 9-13.

Tiers 2B and 3 are still open until 5:00 EST on Friday, April 13th.  Any facilities that did not bid in Tier 1 or 2A may still bid in Tier 2B regardless of size, however they have to meet the requirements of a Tier 2B system and must submit a bid price.  Any system that bid in

Tier 1 or 2A may not bid in Tier 2B and any systems that do so will have both bids disqualified.