Partial Results Available

The results for Tier 1 and Tier 2-A are available.  The lists are randomly sorted within Delaware labor/equipment group per the solicitation rules.

A list of all Tier 2-B and Tier 3 bids is available, sorted by application number.  Because there were bid ties and/or bids that caused the tiers to be oversubscribed, the final results for these tiers have not yet been determined.  The process is continuing per the solicitation rules, and a list of winning and losing bids will be posted when the process is complete, along with the high, low, and weighted average bid prices for each tier.

All bidders will be notified via email and their SRECDelaware dashboard will be updated to reflect the status of their bids.  Successful bids will need to complete the Transfer Agreement form, which will become available on their dashboards on April 25th 2012, to complete the process.  Unsuccessful bids will have an opportunity to bid into any future solicitations for which they are eligible.

Result Reports
Tier 1 – Download results (PDF)
Tier 2-A – Download results (PDF)
Tier 2-B – Download results (PDF)
Tier 3 – Download results (PDF)

How to read the Result Reports

We break the definitions for each Tier 1 and 2-A Report category here:

  • Bonus – Shows whether or not the application met the requirement for a DE parts and labor bonus. Applications were also sorted to give preference to photovoltaic systems with DE parts and labor.
  • System Name – This is the unique system name that was provided by the applicant on the  Program application. The name was not created by the Program administrators. The # xxx before each system name is the unique application identifier. The system name and number can be double-checked in the application account.
  • Tier Total SRECs – Represents the cumulative yearly SREC capacity of each application relative to the applications selected before it. This category was used to determine whether or not an application would be granted a contract after it was sorted for preferences assigned to DE parts and labor. We needed to assign this value because the Tier 1 solicitation could only accept 2,972 SRECs per year and the Tier 2a solicitation could only accept 2,000 SRECs per year.  Tier 1 applications represented the equivalent of 6,610 yearly SRECs, while only  2,972 SRECs were required.
  • Winning Bid (Y/N) – Denotes whether or not an application was successful.