How do I apply?

Applications will be accepted starting on Monday, April 2nd 2012. The application requirements vary depending on solar system size, but some requirements are universal.

Universal application requirements:

  • Applicants must create a user account and fill out an online Bid Application Form (available the day that the solicitation opens). A reference example of the form can be found here, however the actual form must be filled out online and may contain slight modifications.
  • Must have an “Accepted Completed Solar System Interconnection Application” dated Dec 1, 2010 or later.
  • New systems must be installed within 12 months of application date.
  • Proposed systems that have not yet interconnected require a bid deposit equal to $100/ kW (DC) of the system’s nameplate rating. The deposit must be wired, wiring instructions will be provided on the application form  (no checks or credit cards).
  • The wire deposit must be initiated before the solicitation’s close. Deposits for unsuccessful applications will be returned after all project applications have been verified and the application awards have been issued.
  • If a system’s application is successful then a “Solar Renewable Energy Credit Transfer Agreement” must be filled out in the user’s account. Click here for a reference example of the Transfer Agreement, however the actual form must be filled out online and may contain slight modifications.
  • Projects are ineligible if they received public funding outside of the Delaware Green Energy Program (GEP) or a grant in lieu of the the Federal investment tax credit.

Requirements for systems < 100 kW (Tier 1 and some Tier 2a systems):

  • Require an  SREC owner representative to apply on their behalf.
  • An owner representative is any entity that has at least one other solar facilities registered in the procurement. We recommend that installers register facilities on behalf of their customers in order to meet this requirement.  Any parties interested in becoming third party aggregators should contact SRECDelaware with your contact information so we can post it on the web site for interested system owners.

Requirements for systems > 100 kW (some Tier 2a and all Tier 2 systems):

  • Bids greater than $280/ SREC will not be accepted