Frequently Asked Questions 3/28/2013

I don’t have a revenue grade meter and don’t want to purchase one until I find out if I’ve won. Can I check “Revenue Grade Meter” on my application with the understanding that I’ll install a revenue grade meter once I find out that I’ve won?

Yes. Systems simply need to have a revenue grade meter installed once they’ve won a contract. They do not need to be installed to bid.

I just completed my application however, the “STATUS” section is only reflecting the application as 75% complete. Am I missing something?

No. All applications initially show 75% complete when submitted by the applicant. They will switch to 100% once SRECTrade staff has verified the application complete and any necessary bid deposits have been received and credited.

Will there be another program in 2014, and if so how large will it be and will the program rules be the same?

The Delaware Public Service Commission approved Delmarva Power and Light’s (DPL) filing for the 2013 solicitation. Another filing will need to be approved before running subsequent solicitations. The Delaware Renewable Energy Taskforce has been legislatively assigned to review and recommend changes to the design of the solicitations. They will likely review the results of the 2013 solicitation and incorporate any lessons learned into the 2014 solicitation. In 2012 this review process began immediately after the solicitation was complete with public meetings running for several months afterward, eventually leading to the 2013 filing. A similar process can be anticipated this year.

What happens if I sell my house?

The solicitation contracts are assignable and the seller can assign the contract to the new home owner by simply filling out and signing the assignment forms available from the Program Administrator.

Do you accept applications from solar systems in (PA, NJ, VA, FL….)?

All systems applying for the Delaware Procurement program must have a Delaware certification number for their solar array, or obtain a Delaware certification once the array is built.

Do I need an interconnect agreement to bid?

No. Proposed systems bidding in the “N” tiers do not need to be interconnected prior to applying. Systems without a DE certification number must provide the required bid deposit. Accepted systems have one year after the solicitation closes to complete their projects.

I have  a leased system on my home with a 15 year lease term. Can I still apply?

First, any host facility with a leased solar array is cautioned to ensure that they own the rights to the SREC stream from that array before bidding. Winning bidders are responsible for providing SRECs for the entire 20 year term and bidders should resolve any doubts regarding their ability to fulfill the contract term prior to bidding.

Can systems located in a muni or co-op service territory participate?

Yes. Any system with a DE certification number can participate.