Frequently Asked Questions 3/20/2012

Who can act as an owner representative.  Do you have a list of third party owner representatives?

Many solar installers are acting as owner representatives for systems they installed, we recommend that all system owners contact their installer to verify that they are indeed willing to act as the owner representative for their system.  There is also a list of third party owner representatives on the website under Contact.

Does a system owner need to sign a paper form to bid?

The signature will be electronically signed online by the owner representative for the bidding form.  Winning systems will require a paper form that both the SREC owner and the owner representative will have to sign and scan, fax, or send back.

When will results be released?

Notification of results will happen after all tiers of the solicitation close, which may be as late as April 23rd.  We will notify all bidders by email and through the online platform at