Frequently Asked Questions 2/27/2013

I have a system that used Delaware labor and/or equipment but was registered before August, 2010 when the law passed granting the DE labor/equipment bonus. Can I bid my system as DE labor/equipment in the solicitation?

The Delaware Public Service Commission (PSC) certifies all Delaware solar systems, including certification that a system meets the DE labor/equipment requirements. In order to be accepted in the solicitation as a DE labor/equipment system, pre-Aug 2010 systems must contact the Delaware PSC and submit the required application and documentation to get the DE labor/equipment certification added to their certificate.

The Delaware PSC has 30 days from the time of the request to grant or deny the request. This means that some systems may enter their bid into the Procurement without knowing if the PSC has granted or denied their additional certification requests. The Procurement Program has no role in granting or denying DE labor/equipment certification. However, if a system bids as containing DE labor and/or equipment and does not obtain an updated certificate within 30 days of the solicitation closing, they will be disqualified per the Procurement filing. Therefore, systems that do not currently have DE labor and/or equipment certification but have asked the PSC to add those certifications can enter the solicitation  as DE labor/equipment systems. However, the system owner is taking the risk that the PSC will deny their request after the solicitation closes, which will subsequently disqualify their bid. Any system wishing to avoid this risk should simply bid into the solicitation with the DE labor/equipment status currently attached to their certification.
Bidders are reminded that unlike the 2012 pilot procurement, DE labor/equipment status plays a much more limited role in determining winning bids in the 2013 solicitation. It is only a factor in a bidding tie per section 7.2 of the Procurement Filing. However, systems are paid for the additional 10%/20% production granted by the DE labor and/or equipment bonus if they have a successful bid.

Can a bidder for any tier bid $0.00 or $0.01? Can bids be to the nearest cent or do they have to be to the nearest dollar?

Bids can be entered at any value to the nearest cent, including $0.00.  Keep in mind that all bidders receive their bid price for the first 7 years, then $50.00 per SREC for the remaining 13 years of the contract. A successful bidder with a $0.00 would be obligated to deliver their SRECs to the program for 20 years, however they would receive no payment until the 8th year, when they would receive $50.00 per SREC.

Are existing systems with winning bids able to sell their previously generated SRECs at the Procurement bid price?

The contract start date for all winning bids is the later of June 1st, 2013 or the system completion date. This means that no system will be able to sell SRECs generated prior to June 1st, 2013, and existing systems will begin selling those SRECs generated June 1st, 2013.

Does my system have to be in Delmarva Power’s service territory to participate?

No. Any system with a Delaware solar certification is eligible.

Does the receipt of prior grants impact my ability to win or the price I’m paid?

No. Unlike the 2012 Pilot Program, grant status is not taken into account when determining winning bids or prices.