Frequent Asked Questions 3/12/2012

As we receive questions we will post both the question and answer here. Please check back frequently, as we will be adding questions and answers as soon as we receive them.

Can you submit more than one  application for a a project? Example – submit a 900kW application and a 200kW application for the same project in hopes that one will be accepted in one of the tiers.

Per section 5.1 of the solicitation, “A Generation Unit may not be included in more than one bid application in any single solicitation.”   All applications will be screened to ensure that the same project has not been bid into more than one tier, and any such multiple bids will be disqualified.

Does a specific project have to be identified in the bid?  Can the project location or details be switched after winning the bid?

A specific project does need to be identified in the bid, and the project listed in the bid needs to be the same project that is completed.  See the sample application form for the type of information that needs to be provided, which is very specific and includes the system configuration and location.

Does the system representative need to have a PJM-GATS account set up containing the systems they will be bidding in the Solicitation?

The system representative does not need to have a GATS account set up with the systems that they bid into the auction.  Any systems that win the solicitation will be moved and/or set up in an SEU controlled PJM-GATS aggregate account specifically set up for the solicitation.

Are system add-on’s eligible for the solicitation?

If the original system meets the program requirements, both it and the add-on must be bid together as one system.  If the original system doesn’t meet the solicitation requirements, then neither it or the add-on are eligible to participate in the solicitation.

Since this Pilot Procurement is for 2011 SRECs, how will any new generation projects in development and presumably not in service for 365 days from the bid date, satisfy 2011 requirements?  Any SRECs generated from these new projects will be 2012 at best, and more likely 2013.  Does this mean that effectively, only existing generation with 2011 SRECs will be eligible to satisfy the RFP’s requirements?

The Pilot Program is designed to set up 20 year contracts with systems.  The 20 years starts with the solicitation completion for existing systems, and starts with system completion for new systems.  Those new systems must be completed within 1 year of award.  For existing systems, the system owner also has the choice to opt for the start date of the 20 year contract to be June 1st, 2011, and immediately sell any SRECs they’ve created between that date and contract signing.