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2018 Delaware Procurement Results

The 2018 Delaware SREC Procurement Results have been posted and all bidders will shortly receive the results of their bid by email. Bidders can also log on to the SRECDelaware portal to see their results. The high, low, and weighted average by tier was:

N1 N2 N3 Pool N4, E3 Pool N5, E1, E2, E4 Overall Solicitation
High $54.54 $50.00 $49.98 $10.87 $52.38 $54.54
Low $19.00 $18.47 $24.00 $10.87 $9.95 $9.95
Weighted Average $38.14 $33.78 $27.22 $10.87 $29.67 $28.50

Bid deposit returns will be initiated by ACH direct deposit on Monday, Aug 18th and should be received by Friday, Aug 24th.

2018 Delaware Procurement Program Webinar Now Available

The full webinar that was given on July 17th by the SRECDelaware staff about the 2018 SREC Delaware Procurement is now available here. This webinar gives a program overview and walks the viewer through a sample application. If you were not able to view the webinar in real-time and have questions about the 2018 Procurement Program please give us a call at 302-495-9999 or send an email to

Reminder: Webinar for 2018 SRECDelaware Procurement Program 7/17 at 2 PM

The Instructional Webinar for the 2018 SRECDelaware Procurement Program will be held on Tuesday, July 17th, 2018 at 2 PM EST.

The webinar will give an overview of the 2018 program, detail the changes from last year’s program, and show an example application. We will also take questions from participants.

Click here to enter the webinar.

To call into the webinar you can call 1-267-279-9000 and use the following pin: 949533#

You can also hear the audio on your computer.

If you cannot attend the webinar at the scheduled time a recording of the webinar will be posted on Tuesday afternoon for you to view. Please note this webinar is only for those who plan on bidding into the 2018 Program. If you have already won a spot in the program in the past you do not need to attend this webinar.

2018 SRECDelaware Solicitation Dates and Program Information Posted

The Delaware Public Service Commission has approved Delmarva Power’s 2018 SREC solicitation filing. The 2018 solicitation will be held according to the following dates:

  • June 20th – Information on 2018 Solicitation posted at
  • July 17th- Instructional Webinar to be held at 2PM. Details on how to participate in the webinar will posted on the SRECDelaware website in the near future. 
  • July 23rd – Solicitation bid window opens at at 9:00 am
  • August 3rd – Solicitation bid window closes at 5:00 PM

More information on the program and its changes from the 2017 Solicitation can be found here.

2014 Delaware SREC Spot Auction Results

The Delaware SREC Spot Auction has concluded, purchasing 3622 SRECs at a weighted average price of $80.24 per SREC. All bidders have been individually contacted regarding the status of their bid. Payments will be initiated by ACH direct deposit by July 23rd.

2014 SRECDelaware Spot Auction June 25th – July 7th

The 2014 Delaware SREC spot auction will be conducted on behalf of Delmarva Power by InClime using the SRECDelaware platform. The spot auction will be open for orders from 9:00 AM EST on June 25th until 5:00 PM EST on July 7th. SRECs generated from June 2010 onward are eligible for the auction. Delmarva Power anticipates purchasing between 2,000 and 6,000 SRECs to meet their 2013/14 Renewable Portfolio Standard obligation in Delaware. All SRECs bid into the auction must be existing SRECs in PJM-GATS and must have Delaware certification numbers.

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2014 Solicitation Update

The Delaware Renewable Energy Taskforce has completed its work on the 2014 Delaware SREC solicitation design. The Taskforce’s work is now in the regulatory stage which requires a Public Service Commission (PSC) filing by Delmarva Power and Light and subsequent approval by the PSC. The 2014 solicitation is planned for the Spring of 2014, however exact timing and details are dependent on the filing and approval process. Information on the 2014 solicitation will published on the SRECDelaware website as soon as it becomes available.

2013 Spot Auction Results

The 2013 SRECDelaware Spot Auction has concluded. A total of 2978 SRECs were purchased out of a total of 5394 offered. The weighted average price of SRECs sold was $33.94, with a low price of $1.50 and a high of $45.00. All successful sellers will receive notification emails and payment by June 7th. Unsuccessful sellers will have their SRECs returned to their PJM-GATS accounts by May 24th.