2015 Delaware SREC Solicitation Results Posted

The 2015 Delaware SREC Solicitation results have been announced. All tiers were filled and Delmarva Power opted to accept an additional 3,000 SRECs above the original 9,000 in the base solicitation. All bidders were sent an email with a status of their bid. Bidders can also log on to their account at www.SRECDelaware.com to obtain the status of their bid. The preliminary results are as follows:

N1, E1, E2 N2 N3 Extra 3000
High $100.00 $129.99 $77.99 $119.80
Low $30.00 $80.00 $34.99 $100.00
Weighted Avg $60.40 $96.00 $53.26 $119.11

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