2016 Delaware Procurement Program Webinar Now Available

The full webinar that was given on May 25th by the SRECDelaware staff about the 2016 SREC Delaware Procurement is now available here. This webinar gives a program overview and walks the viewer through a sample application. If you were not able to view the webinar in real-time and have questions about the 2016 Procurement Program please give us a call at 302-495-9999 or send an email to customerservice@srecdelaware.com.

2016 DE Solar REC Solicitation Dates Posted

The Delaware Public Service Commission has approved Delmarva Power’s 2016 SREC solicitation filing. The 2016 solicitation will be held according to the following dates: May 9th – Information on 2016 Solicitation posted at SRECDelaware.com May 25th- Instructional Webinar to be held at 1 PM. Click here for instructions on how to access the webinar. May 31st – Solicitation bid window opens at SRECDelaware.com at 9:00 am June 10th – Solicitation bid window closes at 5:00 PM More information on the program and its … Continue reading

2016 Delaware SREC Solicitation

We have been receiving a number of questions on the 2016 Delaware SREC solicitation and wanted to provide the latest information we have available. The 2016 solicitation is currently pending approval by the Delaware Public Service Commission of Delmarva Power’s 2016 solicitation filing. The filing is anticipated to be voted on at the May 3rd, 2016 Public Service Commission Meeting. The agenda for that meeting can be found at the PSC’s web site.

If approved, we anticipate running the 2016 solicitation from June 6th – June 10th. This is subject to change and subject to approval of the Delmarva filing by the Public Service Commission. Please continue to check this site for updates on the 2016 solicitation.

2015 Delaware SREC Solicitation Results Posted

The 2015 Delaware SREC Solicitation results have been announced. All tiers were filled and Delmarva Power opted to accept an additional 3,000 SRECs above the original 9,000 in the base solicitation. All bidders were sent an email with a status of their bid. Bidders can also log on to their account at www.SRECDelaware.com to obtain the status of their bid. The preliminary results are as follows:

N1, E1, E2 N2 N3 Extra 3000
High $100.00 $129.99 $77.99 $119.80
Low $30.00 $80.00 $34.99 $100.00
Weighted Avg $60.40 $96.00 $53.26 $119.11

SRECDelaware Solicitation Applications and Bid Deposits due by 5 PM Friday

The 2015 SRECDelaware Solicitation will close at 5 PM on Friday, April 24th. All applications and bid deposits MUST be submitted by 5 PM EST. If you have already submitted an application but have yet to submit your bid deposit, please be sure to do so. If you are having any issues or if you have any questions, please contact SRECDelaware staff by email at customerservice@srecdelaware.com or by phone at 302-495-9999.

Second Webinar for the 2015 SRECDelaware Solicitation to be held April 17th

The second webinar for the 2015 SRECDelaware Solicitation will be held on Friday, April 17th at 2 PM EST. Those interested in participating can register here. This webinar will be similar to the first webinar which was held on April 8th. Participants will be allowed to answer questions following the webinar. The call-in number for the webinar is +1 (267) 279-9000 and the Participant Pin is 195513#.

2015 Delaware SREC Procurement webinar to be held on April 8th

The SRECDelaware staff will be hosting the first instructional webinar for the 2015 Delaware SREC Procurement Program on Wednesday, April 8th at 2 PM EST. This webinar will go through the application process step by step and allow potential applicants to ask any questions they may have. Participants can register for the webinar here. Participants can also call into the webinar at +1 (267) 279-9000 using the Pin number: 299666#.  

2015 DE Solar REC Solicitation Dates Posted

The Delaware Public Service Commission has approved Delmarva Power’s 2015 SREC solicitation filing. The 2015 solicitation will be held according to the following dates: March 12th – Information on 2015 Solicitation posted at SRECDelaware.com April 13th – Solicitation bid window opens at SRECDelaware.com at 9:00 am April 24th – Solicitation bid window closes at 5:00 PM More information on the program and its changes from the 2014 solicitation can be found on SRECDelaware.com.

Listing of Contractors Willing to Install Revenue Grade Meters

All systems in the SRECDelaware Procurement Program must have a revenue grade meter installed. For those systems without revenue grade meters, the SEU has granted a six month extension period to have them installed. Below is a list of Delaware solar installation companies who are willing to install revenue grade meters for those systems who do not have them. Company Name Phone Contact Email Website Clean Energy USA (302) 227-1337  Lyn Mox lmox@ceusa.com  ceusa.com CMI Electric (302) 731-5556 Dale Davis … Continue reading

Program Instructions

The three pages listed below are great resources for customers with questions on how to complete certain tasks necessary for the program. For instructions on how to enter meter readings, click here. For instructions on how to enter bank information, click here. For instructions on how to reset and change your password, click here.  

Instructional Webinar August 7, 2014

An instructional webinar will be held on Thursday, August 7th, 2014 at 1:30 PM. This webinar will explain how to enter a meter reading, the difference between the two types of meter readings, and how to enter bank information. This Webinar will also be posted on our website for customers to view at a later time. You can join the Webinar by following this link: https://inclime.clickwebinar.com/SRECDelaware_Next_Steps . You can also call in and listen to the webinar by calling the following … Continue reading

2014 Delaware SREC Spot Auction Results

The Delaware SREC Spot Auction has concluded, purchasing 3622 SRECs at a weighted average price of $80.24 per SREC. All bidders have been individually contacted regarding the status of their bid. Payments will be initiated by ACH direct deposit by July 23rd.

2014 SRECDelaware Spot Auction June 25th – July 7th

The 2014 Delaware SREC spot auction will be conducted on behalf of Delmarva Power by InClime using the SRECDelaware platform. The spot auction will be open for orders from 9:00 AM EST on June 25th until 5:00 PM EST on July 7th. SRECs generated from June 2010 onward are eligible for the auction. Delmarva Power anticipates purchasing between 2,000 and 6,000 SRECs to meet their 2013/14 Renewable Portfolio Standard obligation in Delaware. All SRECs bid into the auction must be … Continue reading

2014 DE SREC Solicitation Results

The 2014 Delaware SREC Procurement Solicitation results have been announced. All winning systems have been notified by email and on their SRECDelaware.com dashboard. Transfer Agreements for all winning systems must be completed by July 1st and can be downloaded by logging into your SRECDelaware account. Detailed instructions for completing the Transfer Agreement can be found here. The results by tier are as follows: Tier                          Low       … Continue reading

Full Webinar Posted

The full webinar from 5/8/14 can be viewed here. The presentation slides alone can be viewed here.